Some important notes about our price list:

* Please understand: All pets are individuals and it can be difficult to provide accurate price quote for every pet in an online format without seeing the pet in person. Our online price list is intended to provide pet parents with  a general guideline only. We reserve the right to determine the actual price for your groom upon meeting your pet.


If it is important to you to know exactly how much your pet's groom will be before booking your appointment, we welcome you to bring your pet by the salon where we are happy to perform a quick assessment and provide you with an exact quote.  


If you are estimating fees for your pet solely from this price list or from an over-the-telephone quote, please be aware that, at your appointment, the actual price maybe influenced by several factors:

  • Your pet's breed, size, and coat type: Sometimes it can be difficult for pet parents to know which category their dog belongs in. Your Pawcasso groomer has the final discretion in determining which pricing category best describes your individual pet's size and coat type and will provide you with an exact quote upon meeting your pet.

  • The condition of your pet's coat: The prices quoted on this website assume the pet is groomed regularly and is in good condition (ie: does not have mats in the coat or unusual amount of undercoat) If your pet's coat is in poor condition, we are still more than happy to assist you, but pets who require significantly more brushing than normal to deal with matting or a heavily shedding undercoat, understandably may have an additional de-matting or brushing fees applied. It is difficult to predict de-matting fees without seeing the coat, so, if your pet is in this situation and cost is a concern, we recommend bringing them by the salon for a quick, free assessment to get an accurate quote.  


While de-matting services are available for an additional fee, for the welfare of all our furry friends, the professional groomer's motto of "Humanity before Vanity" always applies. Therefore, please realize, if your pet's coat has developed serious matting it may be too stressful for them to be brushed out again (for any price) and a very short haircut may be necessary. 

  • Any unusual soiling: Pets that are unusually dirty (ie: requiring more than two complete thorough shampoos to get them clean, or that have been soiled with unusual substances such as motor oil, tar, paint, tree sap, or skunk spray may be subject to additional charges).


  • Fleas: For the protection of all our furry friends, pets that are found to have fleas must have a flea bath and an additional $10 fee for this will automatically be applied to their bill.

  • Your pet's behavior: The basic prices quoted on our website assume that the pet is well-socialized and co-operative for grooming. If your pet is extremely nervous, difficult to handle, or aggressive, they will likely take longer to groom and may require the assistance of a second groomer to help hold and comfort them during the grooming procedure, and this will increase the price - possibly significantly. Please be honest and advise us in advance if your pet tries to bite you when you groom them or if they have a history of biting or trying to bite others during grooming. We understand and are willing to try our best to work with pets who have behaviour issues, but naturally, this situation costs more. If your pet has behaviour issues that make grooming difficult you can find helpful information here.

Not all pet grooming packages are equal! Many pet salons and the big box stores charge you extra fees for everything from bows or a bandanna to nail grinding and tooth brushing - and sometimes even just conditioning your pet's coat, using premium shampoo, or adding a spritz of cologne! 


At Pawcasso Pet Salon we believe that all of our four-legged friends deserve the best and we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive packages in town!

Every Pawcasso grooming service includes:


1. A Check of Your Pet's Skin and Coat Condition 

  • We'll report to you if we find anything we think you should be concerned about including skin and coat conditions, unusual lumps and bumps, and parasites like fleas or ticks.

2. A Thorough Brushing 

  • Our short-haired bath package includes up to 10 minutes of brushing and massage to remove loose shedding hair and promote healthy skin and coat. 

  • Our medium and long-haired double-coated pet packages include at least 15-30 minutes of brushing, depending on the size of the critter (more for large and giant critters)

  • (extra brushing required for more extreme situations of excessive undercoat removal or de-matting  does cost more)

3. A Luxurious, Deep-Cleaning Bath 

  • Your pet will love our relaxing Jacuzzi-style, hydro-massage bathing system

  • We always use premium shampoo and conditioner custom-selected for your pet's individual needs, and we aren't satisfied until your pet smells fantastic!

4. A Blueberry-Vanilla Facial 

  • This ultra-premium spa treatment gently cleanses odors from your pet's delicate face area and helps remove unpleasant rust-colored tear stains. 

5. A Professional Blow-dry

  • We have several different drying options (including very quiet and gentle dryers for pets who are afraid of blow-dryers).

  • Our high-velocity dryers help blast away excess loose, shedding hair and leave a smooth and soft finish on short-haired and double-coated breeds.

  • Our professional salon heat dryers acheive the ultimate "can't-wait-to-touch-it" fluffy finish on long-haired breeds.

6. A Nail Trim

  • including trimming of the hair from between the pads of the feet

  • and  smoothing of the rough edges with our pet nail grinder  

7. Ear Care 

  • whatever your pet needs, from a basic swabbing of the outer ear, to a complete ear flushing if required. Removal of ear hair is also included when necessary

8. Tooth brushing 

  • a brushing with pet toothpaste on your pet's own personal toothbrush that is labelled and kept on file just for them

  • and a finishing  oral rinse or breath spray for fresher breath

  • (Please note: Toothbrushing will remove plaque, but not accumulated  deposits of hardened tartar  from your pet's teeth. For information about  more in-depth dental cleaning click here.

9. Professional trimming and styling  

  • short-haired pet packages include a minimal bit of trimming just for tidyness and sanitary needs if required.

  • medium and long double-coat pet packages include more a comprehensive trimming of any long hair on the head, feet, legs, underbelly, & tail - as much or as little as you would like trimmed  - to enhance their natural beauty. (see examples here

  • Dogs who normally require a full-body haircut but are coming for a bath & mini-trim package in between regular grooms have a light trimming of their face, feet, & sanitary areas included to keep them tidy until their next complete haircut.

  • Complete bath and haircut packages include a full body haircut and professional styling according to your specifications. We can perform anything from a short summer shavedown to  an impressive fully-scissored show cut - the choice is yours

10. A decorative finishing touch (such as a bow or bandanna to leave your pet looking posh)

11.And last but not least, lots of treats and loving attention to ensure your pet enjoys an awesome day at the "spaw"!

What's included?

We've got you covered - from nose to tail!